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The dog that has been faithfully waiting for its owner at a crossroads for 4 years has finally been found

Wow – The story of waiting for a puppy in the city of Khon Kaen, Thailand, suddenly became very popular on the internet after someone shared his story on social media.

It is said that this golden yellow dog has been waiting at the same crossroads for the past four years, as reported by 01/07/21.

dog waiting his master for 4 years

He also looks very messy and neglected. And he doesn’t want to follow anyone who tries to persuade him except the original owner.

Luckily he was noticed by a kind woman named Sowalak who felt sorry to see the dog starving. So she often visited to give food and drink. And She also named the dog “Leo”.

But one Facebook user noticed that the dog was always in the same place every day as if he was waiting for someone. He also shared Leo’s story on his personal Facebook account.

The Facebook user also assumed that the dog had an owner because it didn’t look like a stray dog.

dog waiting or his master
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And after asking local people, it turns out that Leo spends most of his time on the same side of the road and a woman often gives him food and drink.

One day when a Facebook user was taking a photo of Leo, he met a woman who was taking care of him and asked him about Leo. The 45-year-old woman named Saowalak told the details.

Saowalak said he saw Leo at the venue several years ago, when he was very thin and had a skin disease. She couldn’t bear to see Leo’s condition, so she took him to care for him until he finally recovered.

dog waiting for his master

But one day, Leo did not return home. After looking around, he found that Leo had returned to where he had been, where he had found him.

Saowalak guessed that maybe Leo was waiting for his owner, so he let him stay there, and he kept bringing him water and food every few days.

The owner finally found out his dog was still alive and was waiting for him

The photo of Leo shared by a Facebook user and his story waiting for his owner to become popular on the Internet.
It didn’t take long, after the owner found out about the news, he immediately recognized Leo’s photo and it turned out to be BonBon, his pet dog.

dog waiting dor his master

When she found out that her dog had been waiting in the same place for 4 years, she was deeply moved.

It turned out that the dog had been missing since February 2015. According to a woman named Nang Noi Sittisarn (64 years old) and her family, when they took BonBon on a trip, but when they got home, BonBon was gone.

Maybe BonBon jumps out while the car is waiting for a red light or goes outside when they stop at a gas station. Although they drive back to find BonBon, their search is in vain.

That day, Sittisarn met BonBon where he was waiting for him. When he called his name, BonBon started wagging his tail and ran towards him.

dog waiting for his master

However, when he tries to take her home, BonBon doesn’t want to come along. Sittisarn thinks that BonBon already has feelings for Saowalak, after all, Saowalak has looked after him for several years.

Because of that, Sittisarn decided to let him follow his new owner, but he would still visit him often.

BonBon finds a difficult choice, he must choose between Saowalak or his old master. To be sure, BonBon has found his purpose in life again after 4 years of waiting.

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